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Telos Australia presents

Reconceiving Naturalism:
The Speculative Challenge

April 26–27, 2014
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, Australia

Conference Schedule

Click here to view the conference program (PDF).

Saturday, April 26

Introduction: Telos Australia
10:00 am
David Pan, Executive Director, Telos-Paul Piccone Institute

First Session: The Case For A Wider Naturalism
10:15 am

A Manifesto for Speculative Naturalism
Arran Gare, Swinburne University

Analytical Philosophy and a Wider Naturalism
David Macarthur, Sydney University

Differential Naturalisms
Wayne Hudson, University of Tasmania and Charles Sturt University

Morning Tea
11:30 am

The Crosscurrents Book Series with Edinburgh University Press
Edited by Christopher Watkin
11:45 am

Meillassoux, Naturally
Christopher Watkin, Monash University

Naturalism and the Unconscious
Henry Krips, Claremont Graduate University

A Critique of Deacon's Incomplete Nature
Michael Dix, Swinburne University

Naturalism and Detachment
Lenny Moss, Rice University

1:00 pm

Second Session: Beyond Whitehead and Stengers
2:00 pm

After Whitehead
Peter Douglas, Monash University

Nietzsche and Naturalism
John Mandalios, Griffith University

Popper's Naturalism
Alex Naraniecki, Griffith University

Third Session: Naturalism and Imagination
3:00 pm

Against Cartesianism
Freya Matthews, La Trobe University

Deleuze and Subject Naturalism
Simon Duffy, Yale University in Singapore

Naturalism and Politics
John Milbank, Nottingham University, and Adrian Pabst, University of Kent

Plasticity and Imagination
Gregory Melleuish, University of Woollongong, and Susanna Rizzo, Campion College

Sunday, April 27

Fourth Session: Naturalism Contested?
10:00 am

Spiritual Naturalism: The Case of Clara
Francis Daly, University of Tasmania

Maximus the Confessor and Naturalism
Cullan Joyce, Catholic Theological College

Castoriadis and Deacon
Jeff Klooger, Swinburne University

Terence Deacon and Hermeneutics
David Pan, University of California, Irvine

Ricouer and Naturalism
Jocelyn Dunphy-Blomfield, Monash University

Merleau-Ponty, Biosemiotics and Naturalism
Maurita Harney, Melbourne University

12:30 pm

Fifth Session: Outcomes
2:00 pm

Planning of publication outcomes, e.g., two books; articles in Telos, Cosmos, and History; proposals for the Crosscurrents series.

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