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The 2022 Telos Conference in New York City: Civilizational States and Liberal Empire—Bound to Collide?
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Telos Zoom Discussion: Causes and Consequences of the U.S. Failure in Afghanistan The 2020 Telos Conference in New York City: After the Welfare State: Reconceiving Mutual Aid The 2019 Telos Berlin Conference: Europe’s Constitutional Challenges as a Problem of Culture The 2019 Telos Conference: Political Theology Today as Critical Theory of the Contemporary: Reason, Religion, Humanism The 2018 Telos Israel Conference: Asymmetricality, the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict, and Abrahamic Peace The 2018 Telos Europe Conference in Italy: The Endurance of Empire Fifty Years of Telos: 50th Anniversary Event in New York City The 2018 Telos Conference in New York City: Constitutional Theory as Cultural Problem Telos in Moscow: After the End of Revolution: Constitutional Order amid the Crisis of Democracy The 2017 Telos Conference in New York City: Asymmetrical Warfare Telos India: Democracy and Secular Sectarianism Telos in Europe: The 2016 Berlin Conference: Sacrifice The 2016 Telos Conference in New York City: Beyond Nostalgia Telos in China: The Concept of the People and Consumer Society The 2015 Telos Conference in New York City: Universal History Europe and the World: World War I as Crisis of Universalism Telos in Europe: The 2014 L'Aquila Conference: The Idea of Europe Telos in China: Cosmopolitanism and China Telos Australia: Reconceiving Naturalism Panel Discussion on Italian Jews and Fascism

Online Publications

As part of its ongoing mission to promote scholarship from all parts of the world and to develop a unique perspective on current topics of interest, the Telos-Paul Piccone Institute is making the following research available under a CC BY-ND 4.0 open access license.

Occasional Papers

1. Pierre-André Taguieff, "Beyond the Fears of the Pandemic: Reinventing the Nation-State?," trans. Pierre Schwarzer, Occasional Papers, no. 1, June 2020.

2. Pierre-André Taguieff, "Hucksters of the 'Postcolonial Business' in Search of Academic Respectability: Reflections on Contemporary Pseudo Anti-Racism in France," trans. Pierre Schwarzer, Occasional Papers, no. 2, December 2020.

3. Pierre-André Taguieff, "Behind the Globalized 'New Anti-Racism': A Trivialized Anti-White Racism," trans. Pierre Schwarzer, Occasional Papers, no. 3, December 2020.

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